Thursday, May 10, 2012

ZIne Review: Radical Tones

Zine Review: Dangerous Hair-Raising Radical Tones
by Sarah (scaredsilly)

We’ve all made mixtapes for someone at some point in our lives (okay, so younger people probably add songs to one another’s iPods) … there is an art to creating a really potent mixtape involving progression, tone, mood, segues, themes, surprises, and the overall ambiance of songs. Finding a prerecorded mixtape is a peek into someone’s existence frozen in time. That’s part of the appeal of this mini-zine that explores a mixtape found & purchased at a thrift shop for nineteen cents. Sarah comments on each tune and what significance she thinks it may (or may not) have had for the anonymous mixtape creator. This zine is written in a breezy style and is a fun read. 

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