Friday, March 30, 2012

Zine Review: How to Buy Land

How to Buy Land
by Sam Bain
half sized / 28 pages

How to Buy Land features a wealth of personal insight from the author, who has purchased a five acre parcel in the rural Northwest. This zine opens with philosophical musings about homesteading, and then considers reasons not to buy land or how to find alternatives to buying land. There is an excellent section on how to find land. Sam Bain’s zine is not quite as comprehensive as I had hoped but there’s only so much territory (lame pun intended) that can be distilled into 28 pages. Returning to the land and creating roots and community might be the one sane option left to participating in this destructive culture. One needs the tools and know-how to work within (or without) the economic systems involved. More specific information on mortgages and how to obtain one (even with bad or no credit) would have been helpful, yet zines like How to Buy Land are authentic and honest and come from direct experience.

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