Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zine Review: (Building) Letters In the Attic

(Building) Letters In the Attic
American Hobo Issue #1
$2.50 from
Stephanie Rinker
PO Box 690942
Tulsa OK 74161

Stephanie wrote me a very friendly letter with a request for a zine review. I have a tremendous appreciation for people who reach out!

While not breaking any new ground in the perzine genre, (Building) Letters In the Attic recalls a hellish flight from Portland via Phoenix to Tulsa in high summer. Steph’s airplane breaks down and misery ensues. I was breaking a sweat in the middle of winter just reading this. This zine reminds me why I don’t travel by air. The last few pages are devoted to some interesting ephemera, particularly a bicycle postcard from 1893. 

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