Friday, March 9, 2012

Zine Review: Bitch Craft Volumes One & Two

In the 1980’s when I was reading anthologies like This Bridge Called My Back and books like Immaculate Deception, I would have thought that by 2012 society would have evolved and equality would be ambient in the culture. In retrospect I may have been an idealist. Men and women are still unequal and disharmonious, cultural values toward women are skidding backward toward the 16th century, and both men and women are seen as objects by advertisers, the corporate milieu and each other. Thank the goddess that feminism is still alive and more relevant than ever.

Nicole Harring has created Bitch Craft, a zine that blends crafting with … feminism! Bitch Craft Volume One hits the ground running with a 30 day craft challenge with ideas for projects you can actually accomplish like making greeting cards and decorating jars. There is a helpful section on navigating craft fairs for the introverted crafter, a discussion on self acceptance, info on a very cool DIY music label called Edible Onion (which I have checked out and hope to order some of their releases). Volume Two discusses the Guerilla Girls art movement, making DIY patches, and more. Bitch Craft is a half sized zine featuring recipes, art and more – a true variety zine. For more information email   

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