Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zine Review: Six Letters Addressed to You

six letters addressed to you
by Patrokolos

An issue that rumbles through the culture that I worry about as a middle aged man is: communication - the deep, personal communication that is possible between two or more human beings. The emergence of Twitter and texting seems antithetical to deeper communication, and letter writing is quickly becoming relegated to a museum of forgotten art.

When I discover a zine like six letters addressed to you by patrokolos, my faith is rekindled. This zine is comprised of six handwritten letters to people past and present in the author’s life. From the first sentence it is compelling reading. Whether talking about nature, anarchy, family, or life experiences, patrokolos always spirals back to the heart of relationship and connectedness. His revelations are intimate, moving, and authentic – this kind of fierce zen honesty is healing.

Copies of six letters addressed to you can be found at Sweet Candy Distro and I highly recommend placing this high on the priority list. If you’re out there reading this patrikolos – share more letters, please!  


patrokolos said...

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you got so much out of it. There is not a second issue, maybe sometime, but Sweet Candy Distro carries my other zine "two love fragments" and there is another new zine that might get carried soon called "the discovery of the zewa with an anatomical account." I will let you know if a new six letters comes out.

DJ Frederick said...

I will check these out ... really enjoy the depth of your writing style!