Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zine Review: Show Me The Money #36

Show Me The Money #36
half sized / 46 pages
Tony Hunnicutt
PO Box 48161
Minneapolis MN 55448

Hands down: We need more zines like Show Me The Money. The media spins lies, disinformation, deception and distraction every day regarding the economy and its impact upon our social well-being. We are taught through media to emulate and venerate the wealthiest of Americans and their corporate / capitalist ways. It’s what we are not shown, the stories that are not reported, that we need to pay attention to.

Show Me The Money #36 includes articles on evil stockbrokers, Crisis in the West part three, the Environmental Corner, the enduring layoff scoreboard, and a wealth of facts. There’s also a “publications received” page. This may sound cliché, but this is the type of zine that the government and economists probably don’t won’t you to read. Which is precisely why you need to read this. 

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