Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zine Review: Never Kneel #2

Zine Review – Never Kneel Number 2
By Seth Graham
half letter sized, 14 pages

I absolutely need to read issues one and three of Seth’s zine. Why? Because in issue 2’s fourteen slim pages, Seth expresses so many thoughts and ideas that I have grown up with around “God” and religion and reading Never Kneel was extremely affirming that I finally feel I’m not the only one who feels / thinks this way.

I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian family, was drawn toward Catholicism for a time, became an atheist and then evolved into a heathen / pagan / animist hybrid. I still believe in a God, even if that God is the energy of the universe that pulses through us. As for the God(s) that all religions reference? They are human created mythologies, mostly created to control society and people’s beliefs and behaviors. Original sin and the need for personal salvation from an external spiritual source (that you somehow internalize by saying the right prayers) is a human-made construct.

Never Kneel gives us permission to think differently about God & religion. I’ll say amen to that. 

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