Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zine Review: Hobby Horse

Simon Yates has an eye for the curious and unusual and shares his interests through publishing Hobby Horse. Unlike the prancing pony toys of childhood, you’ll have to hang on tight once you step into this roller coaster. The two issues Simon graciously sent to me are packed with intriguing articles referencing a copious range of topics. Reading Hobby Horse one learns about the development of transatlantic cables in the 19th century and the roles of William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) and Wildman Whitehouse in making modern transatlantic communication a reality. There’s a story describing the Lizard Man of Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe. Yates shares a biography of the enigmatic astronomer and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria. In Hobby Horse you can learn how to build an Aeolian harp and a psychedelic “dream machine”. Where else can you find all of this cool information in one place? Nowhere.

Zines like Hobby Horse embody the possibilities and endless creativity that zines have to offer readers. For more information write to PO Box 1879 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012.  

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