Thursday, February 2, 2012

More zines from smallghosts

There are some visionaries working on the papernet out there in this blue wild world, and small ghosts is one of them. A cynical mind might think: what is this stuff? Put your cynical mind away and learn how to dream. 

Book of Stones is a nearly microscopic zine detailing the properties of howlite, agates, hematite and other geological wonders accompanied by an illustration of each one. How to Become a Smooth Operating Nomad Criminal is a mini zine gleaned from various sources and is nowhere near as sinister as it sounds (then again the culture / thought police are not just around us, we have internalized political / spiritual / artistic oppression so it is within us … so is the new definition of criminal someone who challenges the status quo in word and action?) This zine is full of thoughts to ponder. A Mystery by Joe Sexton is a visual zine filled with quirky images. And finally, Teenage Diary by Karlene Nicolajsen uses language to convey 

thoughts and emotions known only to our inner selves … it’s a cinematic and vivid work of (literary) art. Amazing.

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