Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zine Review: Rewild Your Life #1

We humans have all settled into this mess we have created called “civilization”. Derrick Jensen & many others have been calling attention to civilization and its discontents, which are countless. We humans are the only species that is neurotic, depressed, genocidal, and able annihilate all life on this planet any time we wish. This reality has lived in the recesses of our minds since 1945 and is incredibly horrific.

On a brighter note, Rewild Your Life examines how we have been socially controlled and disconnected from nature itself in recent times. Reconnecting with Nature can free us from our economic and mental slavery – following the joy of adventure, finding ways to be spontaneously wild. We can allow our Earth Walker / Forest Dweller / Urban Wild Man & Woman to emerge from the mindfuck prisons our culture has built for us (and that we gladly or sometimes unknowingly sustain).

Rewild Your Life is a brief zine full of great photography / graphics and is essential reading. I hope it truly is issue “one” … and that more are on the horizon. Copies are available from

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