Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zine Review: Dodo Comics #2

Dodo Comics No. 2 Fall 2011
by Grant Thomas

I’m someone who really doesn’t understand most comic zines. I’ve encountered a few that are brilliant and delightful, like the Trees and Hills anthologies, but most comics leave me scratching my head. Oh, right … these reviews aren’t about me. There goes my incessant narcissistic thing again.

Grant Thomas’ Dodo Comics No. 2 falls into the ‘delightful’ camp – thankfully he discusses and shares insights into each piece in the zine. Dodo Comics No. 2 includes “Homage to Leone” inspired by spaghetti westerns (I could hear the Morriconne melodies in my mind’s ear as I read).  “Drawing From Life” revisits the horrors of college art classes (all too real!), Visions of Johanna’s Concert (Bob, is that you?) is a comic in the pantoum form which I hadn’t encountered before, and Why Have You Shut Your Eyes which speaks volumes in a few brief images and words to anyone who is familiar with meditation and the demons that we evoke when opening our consciousness.

Grant is also a musician … I highly recommend perusing his website for issues of Dodo Comics, samples of music, and more. My Life In Records looks intriguing and could be the title of my autobiography …  

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