Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two zines by Kelsey Pike

One of my joys in discovering zines is learning about a skill, a craft, something that reflects my interest in connecting with creativity. Kelsey Pike’s Papermaking With Your Hands illuminates the technique of making homemade paper from recycled or plant materials. This zine guides readers through papermaking from pulping through drying, and even teaches you how to build homemade molds & deckles and couching tables. 

Kelsey’s second zine Relief Printing With Your Hands demonstrates methods of carving templates and block printing. She also includes how to make a collagraph (a print made from materials glued to cardboard) and how to print using styrofoam. Both of these zines are well illustrated with easy to follow, readable step by step processes. Kelsey’s blog is here and her zines are available through etsy.  

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