Saturday, February 4, 2012

Zine Review: Welcome to Bend #7 - the Yoga Issue

Welcome to Bend #7 - The Yoga Issue
PO Box 8030 Bend OR 97708
72 pp / $4

This is the first issue of Welcome to Bend I have read. Laura Walker has created a detailed, generous zine focusing on interviews with people involved with yoga in Bend Oregon. Full disclosure: Yoga is not my “thing”. However I immensely enjoyed the interview with Uma Kelppingher where she states “By reducing yoga to aerobics practice with incense and well produced soundtracks, we diminish the incredible gifts offered to us by adopting yoga not merely as a practice, but as a perspective.” She continues with a discussion of centering into clarity and embracing love as a way of being. There’s an intriguing interview with Vasudeva, an improvisational music ensemble. Welcome to Bend #7 includes a beautifully illustrated centerfold on the seven chakras, our energy centers. This zine is exceptionally well illustrated and designed with a plethora of articles on Kundalini, Bikram Yoga, Laughing Yoga and more. This is a highly valuable resource for anyone interested in yoga, whether you are in Bend or elsewhere on the planet.  

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