Monday, October 17, 2011

Zine Review: Dithering Doodles #1

Dithering Doodles #1
36pp half sized
$3 from Steven Anderson
259 E 700 S
Salt Lake City Utah 84111

Steven was kind enough to send me issue #1 of his new handwritten / comic zine titled Dithering Doodles. I was pleased to learn he’s only a year or two younger than me and we grew up with some of the same pop culture icons – I had no clue that anyone else out there was hooked on Lost In Space & drew pictures of the Jupiter 2 like I did when I was a kid. Not to mention his love of finding old 45 rekkids! I started collecting 45s at the age of 8 and never looked back.

But this review isn’t about me (hey it’s not always about you I have to remind myself) it’s supposed to be about Dithering Doodles. I’m curious to see how he sustains this excellent zine with future issues. Some of the material felt a little like padding, though most of it had creative spark to spare. The You Tube moments are priceless – blending old and new media perfectly. Who remembers the Generation Gap? Steven does! Where will you find a rogue Christmas tree? In Dithering Doodles. Like a cool prize you used to get for collecting so many Bazooka Joe comics … send for your copy today.


Sandy Garlick said...

Steve is my younger brother and I've known he was awesome since he was just a kid drawing massive doodles of chaos and mayhem on anything that couldn't run away. I didn't know he was putting these "zines" together until he handed me #12 yesterday. Thank you for your review. I'm sharing it on Facebook. Maybe he'll acquire a following.

Paul said...

I found issue #12 last night at a laundromat in the Avenues. It was such a great find! My girly friend, and I read it together when we got home. We laughed through the whole thing! It was really fun to read... and so incredibly random. Thank you for laughs! I would like to see issues #1-#11 if possible!!!