Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zine Review: Twilight World #10

One of my pleasures is receiving a zine that I know I'm going to enjoy before I even crack the cover, and Don-O doesn't disappoint with Twilight World Number Ten. Most comic books & the film Xanadu are not my thing, yet Don-O's writing makes them seem fascinating through his boundless enthusiasm. In this issue he recounts adventures in Sedona AZ doing battle with panoramic vistas, strange vortexes and bad Mexican food, a brief stint working in a comic store (with the bosses wife from hell - who can't relate?) a review of a monster box set from the Firesign Theatre (I have got to check these guys out) & more. Take a trip through Don's creations (if you dare) by checking the link out over in the blog margin.

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