Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ut-oh: The Zine Reviewer Dilemma

First, I want to say I am grateful for people who send me zines to review. Delighted bordering on Ecstatic. 

I wrestle with whether or not being overly "critical" is something I want to do with One Minute Zine Reviews. While I celebrate the work people are creating with paper, I don't subscribe to the theory that all zines are created equal. In order for me to write a thoughtful (I hope) review of a zine I need to connect with it in a fundamental way. If I can not relate to a zine yet it expands my universe and stimulates my mind, I will revisit it until I can distill words to share with others. If I can not relate to a zine, and would never order / buy a copy for myself, I sit with an ethical quandary: To review or not to review. That is the question.

A number of zines that fall into the latter category have been arriving lately. To those who reach out to me I say a heartfelt "thank you" ... even though I may not review your zine.

Speaking of thank you ...

                                                          Thank You Issue 2

 ... the communique that accompanied this zine said "just looking for some feedback on this issue. Good, bad, or ugly." 

That invitation resolved my ethical dilemma about this review. The zine is beautiful, my review is possibly ugly.

Who this zine might appeal to: sex and/or skateboard obsessed adolescents who live in Casper Wyoming.

Great visual / graphic presentation. Awesome advertisement section. Otherwise: Zero captivating content. Maybe the content will evolve. Maybe people in Casper Wyoming love this stuff. The one thought I had as I stashed this zine in my "to recycle or give to someone else" pile is ... I wonder if Dirty Dave has read it. And what he might have to say. 

You can email for more information. 

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