Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zine Review: Somnambulist #16

A few pages into Martha Grover’s Somnabulist Zine #16, I realized this was an issue about “place” … just not a very well defined place at first. However as the zine progresses, culminating in an essay called “The Road”, I could almost inhale the scent of Douglas Firs drifting on the breeze on Larch Mountain Road. Peppered with short fiction that seems to drift backwards and forward in time, short stories in poetic form and pen and pencil drawings, Somnambulist #16 won me over with its variety of creative content. My favorite line from the poem “Gresham”: Everything has its place / and even when it doesn’t / it knows where to go.” For more information contact Martha at marthagrover@hotmail.com

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