Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zine Review: The Voice of Next Thursday

For the uninitiated, Voice of Next Thursday (VoNT) is a shortwave radio show that informs it's listeners of events that will take place in the far distant future of Next Thursday, which is five days from now. These are not predictions, but facts that will have direct impact on our future lives.

Gabriel Syne traveled back in time five days to print this eighteen-page zine, select transcripts from ten broadcasts of the shortwave program.

VoNT Volume One touches on almost every topic unimagineable, with insights and illustrations about the future of drugs, housing, war, government, and big business attire. I can't even forget the incredible future affect that Lady GaGa's infamous Meat Dress will have.

I have never heard the original program, but from the transcripts alone, and the direction commercial news is heading, the world Five Days From Now doesn't seem so far off.

For more information, you can contact Gabriel Syne by emailing voiceofnextthursday (at) or by checking out his blog at

Looks like I'll be wearing my leotard and leg warmers to the office of Next Thursday. See you then.

- DJ Stevious

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